An on-demand and easy-to-use web
application that provides you access to
Victorian transport data anytime, instantly.


There is an abundance of open-source Government data, but it’s hard to access and not quite what you were after. We also know that transport is dynamic and constantly EVOLVING. Time, movements and user behaviours need to be considered, adding to the COMPLEXITY of daily environmental problems.


Therefore, we have done the hard yard by developing an on-demand data platform which includes temporal, spatial and behavioural considerations to address the complexities of daily traffic problems at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime.

It begins with BIG data

Everyday we ingest, index, process millions of data records from Government databases including traffic signals, probe data sites, count stations and transport network data. This enables us to develop in-depth insights into Victoria’s arterial road network.

A smart data processing and validating engine

All data then goes through an exhaustive validation individually process before being contextualized, aggregated and normalized by our sophisticated algorithm and proprietary data engine. We then further enhance the integrity and accuracy of the data by cross checking and validating with multiple sources enabled by deep traffic and transport engineering expertise and practical experiences.

A powerful analytic platform for practitioners and decision makers

Carefully designed and developed by transport specialists for use by transport specialists and is currently being used by transport authorities and projects to monitor and optimise our transport network. Users can view and download standard reports online or request for customised analysis for complex projects.


Intersection Vehicle Volume

Vehicle volumes extracted from more than 4000 SCATS traffic signals.

Signal Phasing Details

Full set of SCATS signal configuration details describing phasing arrangements, detectors, directions and movements etc…

Crash History

Historical accident data of the last 10 years. Updated every 6 months.

Travel Time

Up to date travel time data for Victorian urban road network extracted from the Department of Transport’s bluetooth sensors.

Infrastructure Assets

Up to date transport network details and infrastructure asset information such as speed limit, principle bike network, heavy freight routes, diversion routes, etc…