Hoddle Street Traffic Disruption Management

Project Background

In order to facilitate a safe and efficient construction program for the Hoddle Street Streamlining Project, closures of major roads in the heart of Melbourne CBD were in place for several months. This had significant impacts on more 350,000 people who moved along Hoddle Street every day. The objective of the project was to minimise traffic disruptions and reducing travel delays.


Our Role

Real Time Traffic was engaged to deploy our Realite traffic monitoring and management platform which allowed the Project Team comprising of Fulton Hogan (lead contractor), Major Road Projects Victoria (client), and Department of Transport (key stakeholder) to remotely monitor traffic conditions of critical routes in real time anywhere, any time. Regular reports and updates were generated and provided to senior government officials including the Transport Minister to communicate to the travelling public. In the meantime, commuters were informed of not on the travel delays but also alternative route options via more than 100 x on road temporary Variable Message Signs (VMS) boards (Figure 1)



–   Zero complaints from road users

–   Positive feedback from contractors and road authorities on travel time display

–   Successful completion of changes to VMS board locations and display messages, while meeting tight schedules of stakeholders



Figure 1: Real Time Traffic Monitoring and Management (Hoddle St)

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