RTT Turns Three!

A little while back, Real Time Traffic turned three! It was hard to believe that we have been running this business for three whole years and at the same time, astounded that three years has come and gone so quickly. There had been many achievements in those years, and equally as many hurdles from which we have learned from. With the three year mark being so close to the Christmas and New Year period and with all the Covid-19 restrictions and uncertainties, we waited until the new year to celebrate.


We took this day to enjoy each other’s company, forget about the year that was bound by restrictions and worries and engage and get to know each other personally. It may come as a surprise that quite a few members of RTT are great musicians and can play an instrument well. So for those who could, they each brought in an instrument to share and have a jamming session. The most interesting instrument was the Rubab, which is similar to a guitar but has three times as many strings!



Others, while enjoying the live music, challenged each other to a series of board games, which became very competitive, especially amongst the younger members. Let’s just say there was a lot of noise coming from that side of the room!


After enjoying a nice informal lunch, we got stuck into the 2021 year plan. Our Chief Executive Officer, Justin, outlined a new strategy and re-structure so that each person plays to their strengths and has the ability to lead RTT to success in a way that suits their way of working. Given 2020 was severely impacted by Covid-19, lockdowns and restrictions, the new strategy stirred positivity and new found energy to ensure RTT has the opportunities to thrive in 2021.



With that, we wanted to take this time to be thankful that we are still here and able to do meaningful work that motivates us each day. We have big plans for 2021 with the launch of a series of new products, revamp of our brand, and from all of us at RTT, we look forward to assisting you in any way we can.

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