Realite - an end to end integrate transport management platform

Real Time Traffic’s Realite platform is a unique digital platform that automates transport network management in real time with big data analytics. It has been carefully developed by transport specialists, and is currently being used by authorities and projects to monitor and optimise traffic performance in real time.

Realite has been designed and built to enable seamless interaction between multiple systems across different government authorities and private companies. We believe that it is the integration of these currently discrete systems, which will produce solutions that deliver real and sustainable benefits. Currently deployed in Australia by various Government authorities, Realite has been designed based on four core characteristics:

Open architecture and agility

efficiently accommodate for various inputs and outputs. Realite is designed to be modular to support the integration with present and future technologies.


a cloud-based infrastructure supported by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to be quickly scaled up or down anywhere in the world

End-to-end integration capability and business rule engine

automate operations minimising human intervention to achieve synergy and consistency across all activities

The Internet of Things (IoT) platform supported by AWS

enable the real-time monitoring and control of field devices. Operators can have live view of on-the-ground performance and, if required, make instant adjustments.

Traffic Disruption Management

Traffic Disruption Management

An end-to-end traffic performance monitoring and management solution designed to reduce congestion and improve safety in workzones.
Temporary Bus Monitoring

Temporary Bus Monitoring

An end-to-end real time bus tracking solution that enables efficient and effective deployments of buses for short term applications.