Our comprehensive safety analysis solutions save lives.

Observing crashes to prevent crashes is simply a reactive approach which makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to achieve Towards Zero vision. These well-recognised problems motivate the development of proactive surrogate measures of safety around the world.

The reliance on historical accident rates to drive transport safety investment has been proven to be problematic from ethical, social and economic perspectives.

Real Time Traffic have developed a cutting-edge computer vision technology that enables the collection of reliable and accurate surrogate road safety measures at low costs. This technology utilises a combination of industry-leading hardware, latest software, sophisticated machine learning techniques and algorithms to extract in-depth insights from video images.

How it works


Deploy solar powered cameras to capture high quality videos


Fly drone over the site
to collect 3D model
to achieve centimetre accuracy


Combine and calibrate 2D video from cameras with 3D model from drone.


Sophisticated computer vision and machine learning techniques to extract safety metrics

Detailed insights and reports

Intersection Conflict Analysis

Intersection Conflict Analysis

Measuring Post Encroachment Time, GAP, Gap Acceptance Time, Stop Line Compliance, Time to Collision
Behavioural Analysis

Behavioural Analysis

Measuring lane positions, longitudinal speed profiles, braking and lean angle (motorbikes)